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Re: [IP] Re: Medtronic MinMed

 >I am finding this company not good at communcations
 >and regret that I chose them. Last straw was sending
 >UPS my pump and requirng that someone has to be home
t>o sign for it.. what do they think we don't work.  I
 >am going to try to see if my HMO will work with
 >another company, am i alone are is this a unique
 >experience with this company?


 >You want them to leave a $5000.00 piece of equipment on the front
 >step? Of course, they require a signature. I'm pretty sure  >?the other
 >pump companies do as well. On the first delivery attempt UPS will leave
 >a note and you can arrange to pick it up the >next day on your lunch

Just so happens, im waiting for supplies from disetronic, and it required a 
AND, i said to myself "SELF, dont people work"

So, i signed the slip, and ill get it tomorrow...

thats assuming, i dont blow my brains out, after having to actually SIGN, 
and Wait for the stuff
(OH, im SO DISTRAUGHT, i could Die)

must me nice...

like youve got SUCH A  NO life,
You'll Piss and Moan, because a delivery requires a signature...
(please excuse the english)
So, they leave a SLIP, you sign it, and, they deliver tomorrow.

You know what they say

Live STINKS, then you DIE...
OH... Just how bad is life, when you main complaint is
"They want me to sign, for what my insurance company paid 5000 bucks for"

you KNOW lens response


Im So Major Cryin For Your Major Life Hassles, the tears are shortin out my 
dsl line, so im out-a-here

You call it Flame... i call it Shame
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