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[IP] Re: Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors....

>Re: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors.... > The
resident told me that Insulin pumps were against hospital policy >outside
of the ICU.  I just recently went through all kinds of B.S. with the
supposed "best hospital in Boston".  (Ya, right.) I went to the local ER
in the middle of the night, and the nurse removed my pump, because she
didn't want to have to deal with me having a low blood sugar.  (I was so
out of it, I had no idea she had done it.  My mum told me about it
later.)  Fortunately, my mum was smart enough to keep the pump in her
purse and so, carried it with her everywhre.)  By the time I had been
transferred to the other (Boston) hospital, my bg was over 650 and I was
totally narfed.  The nurses in that ER were trained enough to ask me how
much insulin I would normally take for something like that.  They had to
help me with the math a little (let's hear it for morphine) but I managed
ok. The nurses in the ICU wouldn't leave me alone and wanted to
disconnect the pump, so I had to stay awake almost round the clock
because I didn't trust them.  When I ended up with a high bg, and told
the nurse how much insulin I had taken to cover it before I went to
sleep, they compeltely ignored me, gave me a shot in the middle of the
night and I ended up having a nice seizure in the early morning, and had
no idea what had happened. They restricted my diet so much that I passed
out twice from lack of salt and plain old hunger.  I was not amused by
this hospital.  If it hadn't been for the doc taking care of me there (a
 thoracic surgeon) I would have ended up unconscious. Weird Jenn
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