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From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Glucowatch?

Has anyone used the Glucowatch successfully?  Are they still having trouble
with getting accurate readings with people who sweat excessively during the
nite?  How much does it cost for the watch and replacement parts (sensors)?
- ----------------------------------------------------------I got a glucowatch
based on my endos recommendaton. normally he is very compulsive about giving
recommendations. buthe sdaid try the watch. At that time my insurance did not
reimburse the watch so i paid up front for it. it was about $550.00 with the
software and downloading stuff. it was also purchased with about 60 sensors. I
tried it several times the first several weeks I had it. the watch sends a
weak electrical current thru the sensor electrodes. these then draw fluid out
of the skin and test it with glucose oxidase and a platnum ring built into the
electrode. the oxygen causes a voltage to build up at the electrode which is
measured by a meter in the watch. after this, the amount of glucose is
calculated by a proportion of moles of glucose to moles of oxygen. the  watch
reports the data on its little screen. I couldf never get their software to
run on my machine. After I had the watch for about 8 weeks I decided it was
not accurate enough to use with the pump where getting a wrong value could be
worse than a bad headache.I sent it back to them and told them that as a
pumper i needed better accuracy thasn the watch could deliver. They gave me a
refund,less the disks that I was used. As the say in theater, not quite ready
for broadway. spot
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