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Re: [IP] what to do when this happens

You know, there is not much that can be done.  You did the first correct 
 thing that was to correct the low. Perhaps calling a friend and asking the
to stay on the phone with you until your glucose reaches a good level.  Or 
perhaps just calling 911, since it was so low and it was late.  

However I am glad you are okay now.

I have had moments like this.  

I had taken a nap with the baby and woke up, not having any common sense and 
crying.  Anyway I ended up calling 911 for help, I made no sense on the phone, 
but they had the common sense to send help and locate my husband for me.  By 
the time help came, I had already treated the low.  Believe me, I was so 
 embarrassed, because I did call a friend also and made no sense to her. This is
what she had told me.  

My husband travels a lot.  I just make sure before I go to sleep that my 
 sugars are above 120 and no higher than 140, for me thats a safe zone. And I
what I eat or do before going to bed.  Yeah its' a pain, but I have 3 
children under the age 9 that I have to care for.

Best wishes;
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