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Re: [IP] what to do when this happens

# 1 I would say you needed to test more often
      ( you may have caught it at 25 , BUT it was still on the way down.

#2  you corrected and got up to 234 in three hrs, which is fine BUT !!   I
would have tested for another 2 hrs or so before taking insulin. (it won't
kill you to stay at 200 + for a couple of hours, But dropping to 'zilch'

#3  You didn't say how much and of what kind of insulin you took.  I'm
guessing regular and a 'bunch'

I'm on a pump and
### 1 unit of Novolog will drop my glucose about 70-80 mg/dl in a hour or

Kinda hard to draw up 1 or 2 units in a syringe.  :)


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Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 3:36 PM
Subject: [IP] what to do when this happens

> Well Wednesday night it happened I do not show signs of low blood sugars
> all.  My wife was out of town and I was all by myself the night this
> happened.  At 7pm my bloodsugar shot down to 25 and I didn't feel it at
> and corrected it.  I must have corrected to much because my sugar level at
> 10:00 pm was 234 and gave myself more insulin to correct that high number.
> Then I went to sleep and late at night around 3am I caught myself on the
> floor then back on bed and back on floor and having a real hard time
> breathing, I could not walk or talk.  I had to crawl into the living room
> the phone and call someone and by the time I did the person thought I was
> prank caller because I could not speak well at all and was trying to catch
> my breath, finally I slurred my name out there and said to much insulin.
> After the paramedics left and I started to come around I looked and in my
> flopping around I ended up breaking my little toe and blood coming from my
> arms and legs and the paramedics said I must have gone into seizers.  So
> when no one is home and this happens what can you do to get help? If I can
> not feel a low coming on and my sugar level is 25 and still can not feel
> I must have been really low and mostly when I could hardly breath at all,
> sometime I thought I was going to die it was very scarry to me being alone
> and something like this happens.  Anyone have Idea what to do when this
> happens and no one is there to help?
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