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[IP] what to do when this happens

Well Wednesday night it happened I do not show signs of low blood sugars at
all.  My wife was out of town and I was all by myself the night this
happened.  At 7pm my bloodsugar shot down to 25 and I didn't feel it at all
and corrected it.  I must have corrected to much because my sugar level at
10:00 pm was 234 and gave myself more insulin to correct that high number.
Then I went to sleep and late at night around 3am I caught myself on the
floor then back on bed and back on floor and having a real hard time
breathing, I could not walk or talk.  I had to crawl into the living room to
the phone and call someone and by the time I did the person thought I was a
prank caller because I could not speak well at all and was trying to catch
my breath, finally I slurred my name out there and said to much insulin.
After the paramedics left and I started to come around I looked and in my
flopping around I ended up breaking my little toe and blood coming from my
arms and legs and the paramedics said I must have gone into seizers.  So
when no one is home and this happens what can you do to get help? If I can
not feel a low coming on and my sugar level is 25 and still can not feel it
I must have been really low and mostly when I could hardly breath at all,
sometime I thought I was going to die it was very scarry to me being alone
and something like this happens.  Anyone have Idea what to do when this
happens and no one is there to help?
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