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Re: [IP] Glucose Rise with Certain Foods

This is completely individual based on your bolus ratios.

For example, if you find that you need 1 unit to drop your BGL 50 points, and 
 you also find that 1 unit of insulin will cover 15 grams of carbs, then you can
safely assume that 15 carbs will raise your BGL 50 points, more or less 
(ignoring the effects of residual insulin, etc).

For me, personally, I take 1 unit to drop 45 pts, and 1 unit to cover 10 
carbs...so 10 carbs will raise my BGL 45 pts.

 I'm not sure why the allergy makes using any carb method not work...those foods
that have carbs that do NOT have the allergen can still use the carb method.  
 If your dog is allergic to wheat, say...it doesn't change the fact that rice is
full of carbs and will affect the BGL the same way.  

>Does anyone know where to look concerning how much certain foods will raise
>the glucose. I used to have a book on exchanges, way back when, that had a
>general listing. I tossed it and shouldn't have. It listed things like "4
>oz. of orange juice will raise sugars approximately 50 points".
>This information, if still available, is not for myself but to be used on a
>diabetic dog and I haven't the faintest clue as to where to start to look. I
>can't use the carb method on him as food allergy is involved. Thanks in
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