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re:[IP] Paradigms and water and Airport Screening


I had a 511 pump die when I went swimming during Labor Day weekend. Mind you 
I showered with it daily before that.

Now I disconnect my 511 for showers and swimming since THE letter (declaring 
the pump may not be water resistant) arrived at my house 2 weeks ago.

Hi to all! I'm back on the digest list after a summer of a buch of short 

Has anybody been denied a hand check of their insulin at any airports lately? 
 I was denied a hand check at Phoenix Sky Harbor on Sunday 9/21.

Katherine Nelson & MyHope3 (the pump)
Albuquerque, NM
dx T2 '86, T1 '96, MM 508 since 5/15/01
MMM 511 (Paradigm) since 9/13/02 & 5/28/03
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