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Subject: [IP] Insulin Use/Abuse for Bodybuilding and Exercise

 "Matt Braun" <email @ redacted> wrote

>>I'm just starting to exercise, and my program includes two weightlifting
>>sessions each week. (I'm very new to this, so I'm still trying to figure 
>>basal adjustments, etc.) Would it make sense to follow some of these ideas
>>by eating a high carb meal and bolusing correctly for it at the end of the
>>session? As a Type 1 diabetic, I have no choice but to use insulin, I know
>>about the dangers of hypoglycemia, I'm not worried about developing
>>diabetes, I'm not sharing needles, etc. Since I'm diabetic, will the 
>>effects be negated? (In other words, will I not see the same positives out
>>of bolusing and eating a good high carb meal after the workout that a
>>non-diabetic would?)

It sounds unhealthy to me, but I'm not a medical professional.  I can't 
 resist asking, after you achieve your desired results, are you going to change
spelling of your last name to BraWn? ;-)

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