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[IP] Insulin Use/Abuse for Bodybuilding and Exercise

After hearing about the topic on this list, I did some online research on
the use of insulin to enhance the results of bodybuilding and exercise. I
found a site today that explained the benefits (increased muscle mass and
endurance) and drawbacks (hypoglycemia, long term health issues).

The bodybuilders that are using/abusing insulin to enhance their workouts
are taking about 10 units of short-acting insulin (preferably Humalog)
directly after a workout, and following that with at least 100 grams of
carbohydrates. Without getting into the technical details here, this
supposedly increases muscle mass and conditions the body somehow. The main
warnings against doing this include hypoglycemia, the illegality of abusing
prescription meds, sharing of used needles, and possible long term side
effects including the development of diabetes.

I'm just starting to exercise, and my program includes two weightlifting
sessions each week. (I'm very new to this, so I'm still trying to figure out
basal adjustments, etc.) Would it make sense to follow some of these ideas
by eating a high carb meal and bolusing correctly for it at the end of the
session? As a Type 1 diabetic, I have no choice but to use insulin, I know
about the dangers of hypoglycemia, I'm not worried about developing
diabetes, I'm not sharing needles, etc. Since I'm diabetic, will the desired
effects be negated? (In other words, will I not see the same positives out
of bolusing and eating a good high carb meal after the workout that a
non-diabetic would?)

If anyone has any experience in this area, or just wants to discuss it,
please reply!

Matt Braun
T1 since 93, pumping since 99, Cozmo since 6/03
Minneapolis, MN
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