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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra Test Strips

> Have her check with Costco Wholesale.  She doesn't have to be a member to
> use the Pharmacy (at least here in the states) - but hopefully she is.  It
> may be an item they don't keep in inventory but hopefully can order for
> If she has any difficulty, please let me know.  I work at the Corporate
> offices here in the Seattle area and can check with our buyers to see if
> there are other options.

here in ottawa, i can go to the costco pharmacy without a membership - just
tell them you're going to the pharmacy - and you'll pay $88 (at least that's
the price here) for a box of one touch ultra (also for ultra smart and
induo) test strips.
i also buy my insulin there - $25-26 for a vial of novorapid vs $30 at
shoppers drug mart - and i buy my pump supplies, which are also cheaper
($176 for a box of minimed paradigm quicksets vs $200 through medigas, the
reservoirs are cheaper there too).  for pump supplies you may have to wait a
day or so for them to bring them in, and it might depend on the location,
but it's worth it to ask.

i'm quite pleased with the costco prices on things.  :)

liz - in ottawa, where autumn is really falling on us.
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