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RE: [IP] MiniMed Response/Disetronic

>That may be your perception of the situation but I know that the Disetronic
>employees in our area were very upset over the situation. If I remember
>correctly, Disetronic was basically told by the FDA what they could say and
>what they couldn't. From what I understand, the company is still servicing
>their pumps that are out there and working diligently to rectify the
>that the FDA finds unsatisfactory.

I was not referring to the current FDA problems with Disetronic as Jan 
Hughey pointed out, but the letter that was sent a year or two ago when 
Disetronic advised H-Tron users to no longer use the pumps in or even near 
water.  This problem may have led, in part, to the FDA's ruling now, that I 
don't know.  I do know that even when we questioned Disetronic about a 
possible "sport case" similar to the one that MM had for their 
non-waterproof pumps, nothing ever happened.  We were only told to remove 
the pump when going in or near water and, if you couldn't disconnect 
because you were using a set that didn't do so, well then you had to also 
remove the set and then put in a new one when you were no longer in the 
water.  I, personally, thought that was a bit extreme (what if I were a 
lifeguard using non-detachable rapids at that time?  Would I have been 
expected to go through a set each day or would I have had to quit my job to 
satisfy Disetronic's new recommendation?) As I previously said, Disetronic 
did NOTHING about the water issue and the H-Tron pumps except send us a 
letter to cover their butts.  At least right now, MM is offering users of 
the affected pumps free sports guards while Disetronic did nothing.

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