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RE:[IP] 'weird numbers'

Jenny may have become dehydrated with the sports practice. This likely
happened faster since she  was higher than usual from the missed bolus. Did
she also check for ketones? The combination of exercise, dehydration, high BG
can all compound to create more insulin resistance requiring more insulin than
usual and/or slower return to normal levels.

She (hopefully) learned a lesson from the experience, but sorry she had to
feel bad in the process.
I am sure you reviewed the need to make sure the bolus isn't missed. It
usually takes an unpleasant experience, sometimes, to figure a way to avoid
these situations.

Barbara A. Bradley

>strange occurence on Monday. Jenny forgot to bolus for missed
basal when she went to soccer practice. She was already at 200 after
field hockey practice. Did the correction of one unit and forgot that
she was going to be disconnected for two hours.

When she got home, she was 500 - which is much higher than I would have
expected for two hours of being disconnected. She felt cruddy and had
moderate ketones. (She hasn't had ketones since she was diagnosed 4.5
years ago.).<
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