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Re: [IP] MiniMed Response (Spare Pump)

 >Why in the world would MM charge for a loaner pump? Jenny has an
 >Animas. Anytime we want a backup to take when we are traveling, they
 >send it out immediately with absolutely no charge - not even shipping.
 >We return it in the postage paid envelope.

one pump company, supplies its users with a spare pump, when they buy the 
(well....... they USED to)

of course, salespeople from MM will tell you "Oh, with THAT pump, youd need 
a spare"

its all marketing...

WHY does MM  charge for use of a spare ??

simple... They Can!!

they're  numbero uno, for a reason,
(and i can only assume (i know all about assume), its because more people 
like, and  use their
product, over any other)....
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