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Re: [IP] Re: 'wierd numbers'

We had a strange occurence on Monday. Jenny forgot to bolus for missed 
basal when she went to soccer practice. She was already at 200 after 
field hockey practice. Did the correction of one unit and forgot that 
she was going to be disconnected for two hours.

When she got home, she was 500 - which is much higher than I would have 
expected for two hours of being disconnected. She felt cruddy and had 
moderate ketones. (She hasn't had ketones since she was diagnosed 4.5 
years ago.). Anyway, I gave her an injection of  5 units and sent her 
to bed. She didn't drop at all for an hour. In fact, she went up to 
540. I even checked with another glucometer. Then, all of a sudden, she 
dropped 150 in 20 minutes. By the end of three hours, she was 130 - 
just about where I would expected. I know that being really high can 
make you insulin resistant, but dropping so fast really took me by 

She did stay home from school on Tuesday. She said she had a headache, 
which didn't surprise me. She drank a lot of water Tuesday morning and 
the ketones were gone by noon.

D is not nearly as predictable as the books and doctors led me to 


On Friday, September 19, 2003, at 06:58 PM, Laura Shapiro wrote:

> I have had the same problems with the rapid drops from unexplained 
> highs.
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