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Re: [IP] Re: Chris' orthostatic hypotension

> Chris Jones - he wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> > On the food front, I was placed on a "Prudent" diet.  This meant no
> > and low cholesterol food.  >
> Chris, sir,
> So sorry about this latest episode! Evidently the hospital isn't aware
> many people with low B/P have to add extra salt to their diets to raise
> their numbers? People with high BP use less salt, therefore, people with
> BP use more. They even make salt pills and sell them. ;-)


What a perfectly sensible idea!  At two days in, I finally got my salt back.
Wish I would have had the insight to argue like you just did about why salt
would actually help me.

And, further-more,  on the electrolyte front, I was low in sodium.

Lets just say, I survived my latest hospitalization!!!!

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