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Re: [IP] free UltraSmart (was Paradigm upgrade)

>What meeting? How do Animas pumper get a free UltraSmart? Jenny has 
>an Animas. I want one.
>On Friday, September 19, 2003, at 06:53 AM, email @ redacted wrote:
>>Forget about finger stick pain. It was painful to watch all the 
>>Animas pumpers
>>get free UltraSmart meters at yesterday's meeting! Reminded me of childhood
>>birthday parties where all the other kids got cake 'cept me :)

Kay, this was the Dallas/Fort Worth Insulin Users Group meeting, and 
yes, all Animas pumpers will be receiving this meter.  You will 
probably be asked about it the next time you place a supplies order 
at Animas.   If not, ask them!     ;>)

(and yes, James, the UltraSmart DOES do AST along with finger tip 
testing.  matter of fact, switching the meter between the two is very 
simple.  you just flick the up arrow button and the message changes 
from "Apply Blood" (finger) to "Alternate Site" (alternate site  ;>p) 
you Really Need an Animas Pump. James!)        ;>)
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