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[IP] Thirty years ago today...

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 15.  Today I celebrate being basically
complication free and realizing how lucky I am.  I brought Krispy Kreme
donuts into work.  One of my friends at work asked why and I said because I
can.  When they gave me a warm glazed donut, I could take insulin and eat it
right there.  Thirty years ago we were told to only eat sweet things to save
our lives from lows.  Of course it didn't take me too long to figure out
that many things could fit in the meal plan that my dr. never intended for
me to eat and that a carb was a carb.
I am thankful to have the support of my friends at work who listen to my
blood sugar woes, to my boyfriend who has to put up with me swearing or
crying after some of my BG tests, to my family who has been supportive the
longest and especially to my daughter who always has been the most
understanding even before she became a diabetic herself.
Of course without the support of IP, I don't know where I'd be.  I could not
have learned so much about the pump without your help and even though my
blood sugar is not perfect (and won't be until there is a cure), I know it
would be so much worse without the pump.  I am thankful for all of you!

Someone else said they send IP a donation on their anniversary (I think it
was for pumping) and I think that is a good tradition so I'l do that now!

Age 45, Type 1 - 30 years! (dx 09/19/1973), pumping 4 years, waiting for new
and daughter Melinda, age 19, Type 1 - dx 11/04/2002, MDI
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