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[IP] 'wierd numbers'

let me preface this posting with the fact that I am not yet on a pump (hope
to be REALLY soon , though!)

It seems to me that some of those days that I have the unexplained
highs/lows where it sems like I get really high, really fast, and then when
I treat it, it comes down too much, too fast could possibly be related to
soem type of insuin sensitivty.

(FYI, I use the same correction techniques that worked lst tiem/last month,
whatever, but THIS time, I get weird and unexplainable results)
If I was on a pump, I would say, check out the apparatus; I have chekced
that I did n't give an air shot ( bottle was low) that the bottle is good
(try another one) etc.  When I have these episodes of about a day and a half
or even two, they drive me insane, I know what I ate, something usual, that
I know how to use Humalog for, etc. but STILL get weird readings

Is there any evidence (proof, like studies, as well as real life living
(experience form the trenches!!) that suggests that insulin resistance can
change form day to day or like in my case eveery 6 weeks or so?

(who often feels like the tune of some twilight episode is running in my
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