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RE: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors....

 --- On Fri 09/19, Andrew Bender < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Andrew Bender [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted:
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 13:35:57 -0400Subject: [IP] Why do we have to have these
discussions with doctors....-
----------------------------------------------------------How many of yourun
into the office unprepared? No log sheets, No log books, No orderly listof
prescriptions, no medical complaints documented. The blame detector is atwo way
instrument.When you are disciplined enough to give him this data, ithink you'll
see a change in his behavior. Dont xpect him to write this S..tdown,give him or
her a break write it for him/herAnd so are we all. my doc nevert asks me that
question, my dau's doc neverasks her either. All of us learn. An article in AMA
Archives of Neurologylisted the patient's #1 frustration with their doctor as
being "the doctordoesn't spend enough time with me. My doc has a nurse in his
office is verycompetent, anyperson can talk to her. she alerts the doc as to
what is goingon in the!
  patient's life.He can then explore these problems more formally withme and in
greater depth. My doc also examines every part of my body from myfeet to my
neck. How many of you get a complete exam on every visit. How manyof you feel at
ease discussing your most intimate bedroom conversations withyour doc? when you
can, you have a good doc for you., spot
I have fired doctors who will not cooperate.
 I walk into a doctor's office prepared...I have a list of my medications on my
computer and update it every single time something changes. That's the first
page. Top is prescription meds, amounts, and how many times a day I take it.
Below that is my OTC list. Even my multivitamin, including brand name. Second
page is a list of my allergies and sensitivites. Below that is my PERSONAL
medical history, shots, dates of diagnosis, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. I
include my latest physical, hbAic, mammogram, bloodwork, etc on there. Third
page is my family medical history. On all three pages I put my name, DOB, and
SSN. If I am seeing a new doctor, all three pages go with me. Or if something
has changed on any of the three pages for a doctor I have seen before. If I have
seen a doctor before and the only thing that has changed is my medications, I
only print the first page. And I let them keep it. NURSES ADORE me. I also have
my log book with me if I am discussing my diabetes.!
 I had a doctor who informed me after looking at my log book and seeing that I
had been testing 6-8 times a day for the previous 2 years (I had just moved into
the area and this was my initial visit) that I was testing too much and being
obssessive. That as a type II, I ONLY needed to test TWICE a day and that he
would not write a prescription for any more test strips than that. I told him
*never mind, that most type II's tested at least 6 times a day to obtain tight
control and if he didn't want to help me obtain that, I would find a better
doctor*. He said, no doctor would prescribe that many to a type II. So I picked
my stuff up and walked out. And I never went back. Funny thing is, I ended up
with his partner in a different office...who was MORE than glad to give me
enough test strips, 300 a month actually. And my current doctor knows I fired
his partner! My current one tho has a type I brother. Liz

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