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Re: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors

 >well, we did an a1c.....(yes... paid for by the hmo)
 >the point.... YES, sometimes, youve got to tell them.... THIS IS
 >(it doesnt seem like it, BUT, as a patient, you ARE the customer)

Not really paid for by the HMO, it is paid for by the premiums that
are paid TO the HMO.

OK.. i guess i wasnt clear enough

the HMO, paid for the test
Ill say it again, so as to help alleviate any confusion
The HMO, Paid For The Test.....

.....I (LEN) Did Not Pay For It !!!
where the HMO got THEIR money from, i couldnt care less......

I most certainly hope this clears up any confusion, i may have presented.
I apologize, for that confusion, and i will endeavor, in the future, to be 
more unambiguous, and understandable.

BTW, the first line, should have been : "DiscUSsions", not "Decisions"
(oh, sometimes spell check, makes me say the wrong thing...
whos fault is that ??)
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