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RE: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors....

Chris, I have had, unfortunately, lots of surgeries, which meant lots of
hospital stays. My opinion? They don't know how to control sugars, period,
and I will say no more other than;
they haven't even a clue....

Last spring, when I was at 527 and burning ketones my husband wanted to take
me to the hospital.
I said "do you remember what happened to me in '91 and '92?" NO THANKS, I'll
take my chances with
ME taking care of the problem...I do a better job sorry to say.


Well, once again, I am fresh from my latest hospitalization.  To make a long
story short, I ended up there with orthostatic hypotension, which means that
when I stood up, my blood pressure bottomed out and I fainted.

On admission the nurse told me that she would be checking my blood sugars
three times a day and would use regular insulin (at a dose which would be
way too low to be of any good for me).  I simply told her that, that would
not be the case.  I would be checking my own blood sugars and would control
the results with my pump.  Furthermore, I would be testing a lot more often
than their standards.

For the four days I was there, I has nurse's aides come in to draw my blood
sugars!  I politely told them, thanks but no thanks.  I would however share
my results with them.

On the food front, I was placed on a "Prudent" diet.  This meant no salt,
and low cholesterol food.  My first meal was breakfast which consisted of
one small scoop of low cholesterol egg, two pancakes with sugared syrup, and
apple juice.  I managed to bolus correctly for the whole thing, but I was
using over 50 units of insulin for that meal!!!  Eventually I got some salt
back in my diet.  When I told the doctors I was eating low cholesterol eggs
with no salt, even they grimaced!

Today is a one week anniversary of my last fainting spells.  I am working
very hard, not for great blood sugars, but simply staying out of hospitals!

It's good to be back!

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