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Re: [IP] as spock would say, that is illogical

I don't know about Minimed, though I hope they're a
good company, because I just ordered a Paradigm.

But corporate America in general...often their
customer service system is specifically designed to do
nothing for you and convince you, as nicely as
possible, to just go away. 

Given that, I'm not suprised that people are quick to
suggest lawsuits.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Lawsuits are supposed to be a LAST resort way to get
> action, not a FIRST 
> resort.  (Of course, society, today, seems to have
> forgotten that.)
> Instead of dealing with the company directly,
> demanding action, being a bit 
> patient...instead, the reaction is, "Hey, they
> aren't handling this how I want 
> them to...let's sue!"
> If, by other means, no action is taken by MM in a
> reasonable time 
> period...THEN, resorting to some sort of lawsuit
> would be POSSIBLE.  But, I 
> mean, it hasn't even been a month and people are
> threatening lawsuits (without 
> any justifiable legal basis at this point).  
> I wrote MM my concerns about how they are handling
> this, as have many others.  
>  Let's give them at least a LITTLE time to work this
> out. But, I'm not about to
> sue!
> Ryan
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