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Re: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors

being in an HMO (whuch DOES cover nearly everything),
i have had a few similar decisions with my endo.

I wanted an a1c, 1 month after getting the pump
(i wanted to know, how i was doing).
She gave my some grief, like, "you had one 1 month ago,
you're not due, for another two months,
its not fair, to expect ' unnecessary service' . its why medical cost are 

i said "Have i EVER asked for unnecessary services, or taken advantage of 
this system AT ALL ?? .... this is a new, and different issue. Things are 
VERY different this month, then they've been, in the past 46 years..... 
AND, does my mental well being account for anything"....

well, we did an a1c.....(yes... paid for by the hmo)

the point.... YES, sometimes, youve got to tell them.... THIS IS WHAT I 
(it doesnt seem like it, BUT, as a patient, you ARE the customer)
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