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[IP] Paradigm 512 upgrade

Hi All,

 I posted a few days ago that I had ordered and received my upgrade to the 512.
I love it! I am one of the 512/511 users who wasn't concerned about
watertightness. While I did like the idea, it wasn't really a big deal to me. Of
course, if I should fall in the lake, it's nice to know the pump will survive.
Minimed has assured me that this type of "dunk" would not be a problem and that
my warranty would still be honored in the event a problem did occur. I really
like the bolus wizard, and I also find that I shouldn't second guess it. The few
times I have decided it wasn't giving me enough insulin, I was low. All the
added features are great, but if money had been an issue I would never have

 I did initiate a claim with my insurance company to cover the upgrade, and
received my denial letter yesterday. I didn't really think they would cover it,
but figured it was worth a phone call to see. Sometimes they surprise me with
what they will cover. The denial stated that I had recently received a new pump,
and they would not be covering another one this soon, without me showing medical
necessity for the new features. Since I can still think, I'm guessing I have no
way to show I really needed that bolus wizard. Ah well, it was worth a try. I
did add the cost of the upgrade to my existing payment plan with MM, and will
just keep making those payments a while longer!

Just wanted to report.

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