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Re: [IP] as spock would say, that is illogical

Lawsuits are supposed to be a LAST resort way to get action, not a FIRST 
resort.  (Of course, society, today, seems to have forgotten that.)

Instead of dealing with the company directly, demanding action, being a bit 
patient...instead, the reaction is, "Hey, they aren't handling this how I want 
them to...let's sue!"

If, by other means, no action is taken by MM in a reasonable time 
period...THEN, resorting to some sort of lawsuit would be POSSIBLE.  But, I 
mean, it hasn't even been a month and people are threatening lawsuits (without 
any justifiable legal basis at this point).  

I wrote MM my concerns about how they are handling this, as have many others.  
 Let's give them at least a LITTLE time to work this out. But, I'm not about to

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