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Re: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors....

> would think that they would just want to do the right thing and
> LEARN.   We try to teach them, but you know what they say about the
> "old dog"     lol       ;>)

Not just old dogs.
 Reminds me of a discusion I had last week with an Resident writing orders for a
Diabetic being admitted to the hospital.
She wrote for a sliding scale starting at 250mg/dl, and a 1800 ADA Diet.
No Basal Insulin (The person was on NPH at home,)
 I tried to explain to her that she was setting this person up for a wild
rollercoaster ride and there was no such thing as a 1800 ADA Diet.

 The resident tried to explain to me that at this hospital, there are ADA diets
(I guess this hospital has their own ADA)
and that lows were much more dangerous in the Hospital.
 I tried to refer her to the JAMA research article that proved there were lower
mortality rates for hospitalized diabetics with tight control.
 I then tried to explain to her that if I was ever admitted I would expect the
orders to reflect that I would do my own fingersticks and adjust my own insulin
using my pump.

 The resident told me that Insulin pumps were against hospital policy outside of
the ICU.

The scary part is this women is my Internist's Resident.

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