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Re: [IP] Paradigm upgrade

At 3:57 AM -0500 9/19/03, Neil Ginsberg wrote:
>  >  So, perhaps there is some calibration that is done within the meter
>itself that
>>  takes into account the differences that might be found in using
>>  sites such as the forearm.
>How would the meter know which site was used? The meter would have to know
>whether to use the finger calibration or the AST calibration. But there's no
>way the meter can know.

Since I am an Animas pumper, yesterday I received the free UltraSmart 
from LifeScan.  This meter DOES have a switch to test AST or finger 
blood.   Since the pump companies seem to steal each others ideas, I 
wonder when BD will come out with this feature also?     :>)

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