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[IP] as spock would say, that is illogical

josh's mom wrote:
> Maybe THEY (Minimed, in general) would quit suing everyone and 
> their aunt and uncle.  It would serve MM right to have a few thousand 
> people suing THEM so they can see how it feels.  

oh piffle....if we are going to go back to the days of an eye for an eye, 
 then there would be a lot less raping going on, dontcha think? If someone rams
 my car in the parking lot, as much as I'd LIKE to, will ramming them back SOLVE
any problem???  This is simply illogical!  As Len wrote - it was NOT 
 intentional deception and you have to be able to PROVE that to sue someone, so
the point is MOOT - any kind of suit you crazed suit-hungry people might want 
to bring about would be tossed  out for its inadequate basis!

I don't think us (us being MNMD USERS, not just pumpers in general), sueing 
them is going to HELP the situation or TEACH them any kind of lesson...If 
 ANYTHING, it will make prices go UP...longer testing costs more...court costs
to be paid SOMEHOW...for MY money, and as a MNMD user I have a legitimate say, 
a simple whups and a quick express mail of a bunch of sports guards and you 
 are done. The letter ALREADY says IF you get it wet AND it malfunctions, it IS
still covered under warranty!  there is still the 98.5% chance that no one 
 else's 512 will EVER malfunction, but they are covering their ass by sending
the letter...this is NO reason to get all charged up!!

I am QUITE sure MNMD knows what it feels to be sued...i think right now there 
are in a big fracas with the cosmo and the cosMORE or whatever it is called 
that will have, as I understand, a "bolus wizard' very similar to the 512? not 
sure if there will be an RF meter too...But anyway, Cosmo announced this back 
in June that it would be available in January - Didja notice how quick MNMD 
jumped on the bandwagon to get the 512 out QUICK and then call FOUL and 
 announced the suit...I am willing to bet dollars to donuts (but not krispy
 that there is a recall on the 512 within a year - and I am a LOYAL Minimed user
but i think they JUMPED the gun on this one...kinda like the 507C - that had 
a on the sales shelf live of about 6 months I believe before they came out 
with the virbrating, multi bolus delivery version of the 508...

Then maybe THEY (MM) would stop all THEIR frivolous lawsuits and start 
 concentrating on what is at hand...trying to make the lives of the thousands of
diabetics better.

Why don't we take all this energy and find out WHY the hell the new 512 can't 
figure out which insulin to carb ratio to use based on the time of day.  When 
I called MNMD to ask about it, you have to MANUALLY choose your ratio....for 
me, I use a different ratio in the morning than I do at night and if i just 
trust the wizard to give me the right number, I might get into some serious 
 trouble...seems to me a SIMPLE thing software-wise - the freaking thing ALREADY
has a clock in it.

And you 512 users KNOW, of course, that you CAN NOT use the meter to 
 transmmit to the pump WHEN YOU ARE FLYING, right? You will MANUALLY have to
in the bg into the pump to make the wizard work.....

Sara SP
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