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[IP] RE:[IP} RX labelings

a.. From: Wyldceltic1 <email @ redacted>
a.. Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 17:52:31 -0700


 >>instruction "insert in r.ear"
> Was that a Opthamologist or a Proctologist that wrote that?      ;>)
> George

Or an Otologist even? Or would it be an Audiologist?
DUH, I dunno......!<<
Well, if you fail the hearing test performed by the audiologist, then you
might be sent to
to an otologist to find out why you have a hearing problem, or to get
treatment for the problem.

If you miss read the prescription and insert the medication in the wrong
orifice, then you might need to see the proctologist to have your discomfort

Read carefully. Question, when in doubt.
Hear! Hear!

Barbara A. Bradley
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