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Re: [IP] re:Sue MNMD

They are calling each person who has contacted MM about the 511 and the 
water tight issue.  They are listening to what you have to say and what 
you think that MM should do about the problem. They are open to all 
suggestions and I would not think anything is off-limits. You may not 
get what you want but it doesn't hurt to ask. I was very surprised!!! I 
talked to Paul Duval at MM and he was very attentive to what I had to 
say and I spoke not only for myself but what I had read other people 
were saying and asking. He is going to see about MM hosting a chat to 
answer as many questions about this water issue. I hope they do that!!  
  To all you Diestronic people out there, I was not trying to step on 
any toes. All I did was read the FDA and Diestronic letters posted on 
the Diestronic web site.  I made my own conclusions about what it 
said!! If I am wrong, I am wrong!!! I believe we need all the pump 
companies to be strong to bring about improvements for all of us. This 
subject on MM was all about getting MM to do the right thing by its 
customers, not trying to run them out of business. That does not serve 
any purpose.  I personally said I would contact my state attorney 
general if the followup to this problem was not brought up to speed. I 
don't think I would personally support a lawsuit but sometimes words 
gets people's attention. Minimed has done a 180 on how it is now 
handling the problem, so please feel free to contact them about the 
concerns you have. Hope this helps.

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