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Re: [IP] Free, postage only WELCHOL

I wonder about the prescription that reads;  Take one tablet, twice 
daily!!????   :)
How do you do that?

email @ redacted wrote:

>In a message dated 9/18/2003 12:03:40 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes: 
>>No, no, no!  There was just a news article last week about this very thing. 
>>Flushing medication down the toilet is NOT supposed to be done.  It is a 
>>dangerous practice because medication can get into the water supply.
>LoL, if flushing the med can get it into the water supply, I have to wonder 
>what else is there, that, umm, got there by the way of the toilet.
>Anyway, wasn't saying that it was the BEST thing to do, just that it was what 
>we were TAUGHT to do. But, I am a good girl and humanly process all medicaion 
>before flushing.
>I know this is not the, umm, cleanest topic, but, since it was 
 > mentioned....what about all the medication that is not asorbed by the body
> through, it too, ends up in the same place. Believe me, NOT trying to argue,
>but, a
>valid thought. I mean, like all the vitamins, and they show how liquid 
> vitamins disappear into the water, but the tablet just sits there, and sits
>Forgive me, but is this not the same issue. Something to think about, truly. 
>Has me curious now. 
>Tina H.
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