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[IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors....

Okay, the man's a primary care physician and I'm his first pump user.

I sat down and carefully looked at last months log, and found that since
I've gotten the pump, I've been using more than 10 test strips a day.  I had
been on 8 strips a day.

So my doctor was actually disturbed to be writing a script for that many
test strips!  He said, well soon you'll only have to test before meals

Okay, I haven't figured out weekends completely, I haven't figured out
stressful days yet, and I haven't figured out a whole bunch of stuff.  And
I'm losing weight so we know I'll have to do basal tests, and bolus tests,


But that's okay, we've had a discussion almost every single appointment that
makes me want to run screaming out of the place.  Once it was I need more
exercise -- and did you ask me how much I got before you got on me?

He's learning....
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