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Re: [IP] Unused medication to donate

Again I am so sorry that I got people so upset.  Please let this and the 
WELCHOL thread die.

I do have a few comments, for Judith, thank you for the suggestion to send it 
to a free clinic or an underdeveloped country.  I will try to do that.

Secondly, Welchol is illegal in Canada.

Thirdly, Infusion strips and syringe cartridges are protected by law, just as 
the Welchol.  In this category is blood testing strips if they were 
originally purchased through ANY insurance plan.

Fourth, I already asked his doctor and there was a recent change in the law 
and he is not allowed to pass them to anyone so he would not take them.

Again, I am sorry, please let these threads die.  If you want to give me your 
advice, suggestions, comments or outright chastising, please do so to me 
privately.  Thank you.

Cee Dee
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