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Re: [IP] Free, postage only WELCHOL

Come on Ryan, nobody is going to go to jail, be fined, or even have 
their hand slapped.  Next time you 'extract' your head look at your 
infusion sets,  they say RX only, and they are traded, sold , given away 
almost daily.  there are busses going across the border to Canada and 
Mexico several times a day , 'to import drugs into the US'   Just 
guessing, I bet that there is nobody, except for a few weird ones that 
haven't Broken the Law by giving meds, supplies etc to someone .who 
could use them.

email @ redacted wrote:

>Unless you are BOTH a medical doctor AND a Pharmacist, this is a FEDERAL 
 > offense!!! Welchol is a prescription-only medication, and to give it to
 >else other than who is prescribed for is VERY illegal. THis not a misdemenor,
>but a felony!!!!
>Don't do this...and please don't use IP to do this!!!!!!
 >>My husband recently was switched from Welchol to another cholesterol lowering
>>agent.  We have 6 unopened bottles of Welchol (180 tablets per bottle) and 
>>one almost full bottle, yes this one is opened.
>>I am trying to find a home for these bottle since I remember the days when I 
>>cut visual strips into thirds to make my money go farther when I had no 
>>insurance.  I hate to waste good stuff. 
>>Please e-mail me off list to set up arrangements.  I live near St. Louis and 
>>will be in Quincy, IL the first weekend of October if you don't want to pay 
>>postage.  We could meet at a Hardees or somewhere for a diet coke.
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