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Re: [IP] Free, postage only WELCHOL

No, no, no!  There was just a news article last week about this very thing.  
Flushing medication down the toilet is NOT supposed to be done.  It is a 
dangerous practice because medication can get into the water supply.  If your 
choice is flushing it or throwing it away...throwing it away is the BETTER 
alternative.  However, the recommended thing to do is return unused medication 
to the pharmacy for them to dispose of it properly.

I don't believe that a doctor nor pharmacist can legally re-distrubute 
medication that has already been in the hands of another person (even 
unopened).  The pharmacy is the CORRECT way to get rid of unused medication.


>Anyway, I understand what Ryan was saying......and your heart is in the right 
>place. My suggestion....is NOT to give it to the pharmacy for 
> disposal....but, perhaps give the unopened bottles to the physician who
>prescribed them.
> Myabe he can pass them on to someone (under his prescription, of course) that
 >in need. Otherwise, maybe a local clinic for less fortunate people. The opened
>bottle, well, it should be flushed down to toilet, or poured in the disposal 
>and ground up. That was what we were taught to do with meds that were no 
>longer needed in the places I worked.
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