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Re: [IP] Free, postage only WELCHOL

At 12:45 PM 9/18/2003, you wrote:
>So is buying your drugs in Canada,  I really doubt that the Swat Team
>will kick your door down :)
>Give your pills to whoever you want to, I agree you don't want to throw
>away  pills that someone can use.  I do it all the time and so do
>thousands of others.   :)

Don but there is a difference you must have a script to buy drugs in 
Canada  (unless I am totally confused).   But if one person gives another 
medication which is restricted by the sale of a MD its much much worse than 
going to Canada..

If you just give a medication which requires a script to another person you 
are prescribing medication which can only be done by an MD, NP, or PA.

Brian Carter
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