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[IP] re: it's ALL personal :-)

Your right, it is all personal. It is our life we are talking about. I
don't have a problem with mistakes. Nobody is perfect!! I am not one who
goes about wanting to sue for every little thing that goes wrong. Matter
of fact, this is the first time I can remember even threatening to sue.
Would I sue, probably not!!! I would have to really feel that I was done
terribly wrong to do that. Minimed's solution was to tell you not to get
it wet and to dry it off immediately and we will sell you a sports guard
for half-price. To me that just doesn't cut it!! They dropped the ball!
They have since then improved upon what our options are and they are
doing everything they can do to find a solution to an embarrassing
situation. When you market your product for a specific reason (IPX8) and
it turns out it doesn't work-be prepared to deal with a lot of upset
people. About Diestronic, I went to their webpage and read the letters
from the FDA and Diestronic and that is where I got my information from
about their problems. Thanks for your opinion. That's what makes America
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