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[IP] re:Sue MNMD

I was going by the letters that I read about the D situation, letters
from the FDA and Diestronic. If you read my other posts, then you would
know why I feel MM is doing better in dealing with the water tight
problem. It is like the Firestone tire problem from a few years ago.
They claimed it was no big deal but it was. The tires were flawed!!!  I
don't think MM intended to mislead anyone but they do have a certain
obligation to try to fix the problem and try to make the customer feel
comfortable about the product and its reliability. I have not worn a
Diestronic pump but I talked in detail with them when I was making my
pump decision. I felt they were a very good company and still are. The
problem is that they had some problems with their pumps and did not
handle the situation well but I feel like they will come out a stronger
company in the long run and that benefits us all. And about that bridge,
you can buy it not me!!!  LOL :-)  I am not flaming anyone either. Just
stating my opinion with what I have read. I just felt MM dropped the
ball but they are getting back in the game and it is a lesson they
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