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[IP] re:Sue MNMD

> > If
> >you notice, Diestronic can no longer sell pumps in North America and I
> >believe the biggest reason is that their customer service in dealing
> >with some problems was lacking. I may be wrong on this,

so, the fact that Diestronic can NO LONGER SELL PUMPS, benefits WHO ???
(and, just how did they become part of this issue ??)

i must say here, I BELIEVE, you're quite wrong on this.....
(if its flaming, im sorry, but, how else are we to curb, mis-information)

i somehow feel (though, i COULD be wrong), that youre NOT a diestronic,
and have NEVER dealt with their customer service,
In fact, that has nothing to do with their current situation........

i AM A customer... their customer service, has, and is still, absolutely 
I feel, its a shame, that people are denied such a fine product BUT, that 
IS, of corse, a personal feeling, and another story all together....

And, NOW, to the real issue:

i do feel that MM made a mistake, but, it does not seem to be
"life threatening"
Was it false, i dont think so ??
Was their testing flawed, i think you could say that.
Is it a real bummer for some?? sure it is... this claim may have been the 
primary reason, for purchasing this product.....

when you SUE, you have to PROVE Intention....
though i surely could not say for sure, id doubt that they made
"intentional false claims", and so, there was NO INTENTION, to deceive.
(or, at least little, or no way to prove otherwise)

 >All we wanted was for
 >MM to take responsibility and show that they care about their customers.
 >They did not do that at first. I believe they are doing better now.

how is that ???
by telling you, "oh... we might have made a mistake"....
if thats a "Customer service improvement", i know of a bridge for sale,
around the east river, in new york
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