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[IP] it's ALL personal :-)

Donnie wrote:
> SSP, I think you have taken it a little too personal. 

Perhaps you are relatively new to IP, but you should know that I almost never 
speak in generalities.  Whenever I write into IP, it is always my personal 
opinion :-)  and damn, I have some outspoken opinions, and I am not afraid of 
expressing them.

If MNMD did not "jump" fast enough for you or anyone else, that is your 
 opinion and that is fine...having been a MNMD pumper for more than 10 years
(and a
diabetic for 30, and a woman on top of that for a "few" more years), I  have 
learned NOT to expect *anything* from *anyone* or any organization, especially 
INSTANT action.  And if I do weaken and allow myself to have expections, I 
 have to, at least, not take it too much to heart when they disappoint me (as
very often due with my unreasonably high standards)  <g>

I am SURE MNMD has "accepted their responsibility...which is why they sent 
out the letter...Everyone needs to remember, however, that is is no longer our 
sweet little Minimed with share prices at $120...it is now BIG BUSINESS 
 Medtronic/Minimed (with share prices below $50, and the people answering the
for our problems MAY also have to field questions and problems from other MDT 
customers (I don't know this for a fact of course).

Donnie wrote:
>If you notice, Diestronic can no longer sell pumps in North America 

AND it has NOTHING to do with the water-proof problem discovered 4 YEARS ago, 
or anything related to poor customer service, trust me.  It is mainly a 
"paper trail" issue according to my friend who works for Disetronic.

I am glad you felt strong enough about it to DO something...but even to 
 suggest a suit over this, just still seems frivolous. Now if they used bubble
to stick everything together and SAID it was high quality epoxy, and then when 
a few pumps disintegrated in sub-arctic temperatures, (no, wait, Will Cross 
didn't wear a pump, did he), THEN maybe I could see suing them....When they 
built the 511 and tested it (extensively), it WAS, in fact, water proof.  They 
just didn't take into account normal wear and tear, like bouncing it off the 
toilet seat, in their testing....they DO say, don't drop it, but we ALL do - 
 admit it...and who here has not been saved from a doorknob in the solar plexus
that handy-dandy box on your waist band

Sara Smart Pants AZ
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