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[IP] paradigm 512

HI, just reading some of the posts about the upgrade to the Paradigm 512. 
Have been on the pump for about 5 yrs now and started with the 507C, then 
got the 511 in Feb and decided to go for the upgrade this month. The Blous 
wizard is a pretty cool feature and my BG has improved. Most likely that is 
d/t the fact that i would count up my carbs and then just guestimate a dose 
b/c trying to divide 59 by 12 while I was on the run was a little hard. I 
also like that the pump tells you how many units of insulin you have left 
but it also converts that to into hours so you know if you can make it 
through a night. I would have to agree that right now the glucose meter 
doesn't do much more than just sending the glu value to your pump which can 
be easily done by hand. You are also able to set the basal by 100th-s of a 
unit which is nice. All in all i think the selling point is the bolus wizard 
and is good for people who just aren't mathematical!

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