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[IP] Sue MNMD?

Are you serious??  Why on earth would anyone want to SUE MNMD cuz the stupid 
pump is not water proof?  Well, maybe an Animas, or Disetronic or Dana stock 
owner might want to, but as a DIABETIC why would ANYONE want to sue them (or 
Disetronic or anyone else) and stir that whole mess up???  WHAT does sueing 
 anyone accomplish? It costs them MORE money, it gets all kinds of trouble
up - someone sues them, then the gov't gets involved and withholds FDA 
 approval on the "newer and better" pump...which just might be the actual closed
system - ya knew know - as they say, they ARE just around the corner from it 

Anyway...like Gina, you can count me OUT on any kind of a lawsuit.  The MNMD 
pump was JUST fine before they started trying to make it waterproof.  Besides, 
if nature had MEANT for us to live our lives wet, we would have had GILLS 
instead of lungs still....and i think you are ALL forgetting that Disetronic 
"used" to say THEIR pump was waterproof!!  about 4 years ago, i think, some 
 fractional number of users reported problems, (which were PROBABLY USER
anyway), so they pulled off the "water proof" label....

This is PURE american arrogance and greed...We are a nation of lazy, 
 ego-centric souls...if we have a problem with something, we SUE them instead of
our own personal responsibility to work the problem out...But in a land where 
we expect our TEACHERS to teach our children proper table manners and where 
 we need our government's "permission" to check books out of the library, I have
little wonder why some of you would feel the urgent NEED to shirk your own 
personal responsibility to keep yourself save and healthy and blame it on 

laughable...but I tell ya, if this class action lawsuit screws up me getting 
my supplies or my new pump in a few year, there will be one PISSED off Sara

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