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[IP] Re:Number one problem?!? +

     I have recognized that the biggest control problem is the unreliable 
site. There is no doubt that there are other problems but this one can send
the Bgs souring more than any other. I do not think that just changing the
site is an acceptable answer especially for those who pay out of their own
pocket. It illustrates an empty area in our training. In my experience pump
trainers and CDEs do not sufficiently cover the problems of site locations
and insertions. ( I have not read the revised Diabetes Solutions book or
Pumping Insulin) Maybe they( the educators) don't have any information but
if that is so that ignorance ought to be admitted. Replacing a canula is not
an answer to the question of why was it a bad placement. The only
information that I have is from my own ( unofficial) experience. Why don't
we have information on skin folds,tissue movement,and the absorption
characteristics of scar and fat tissue? I would think the manufactures (
pumps and infusion sets) have this kind of information. As I wrote a few
days ago, are we missing some keys to get at this information? Does anyone
have a referenced source for this kind of (secret) information?

> Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:32:38 +0000
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Number one problem?!?
 > So, you've got your basal rate perfect... Your correction bolus and meal
> ratios result in perfect post-meal numbers... Then, why do you STILL end up
> with lows or highs?
>  Obviously, this answer has many answers...but, I've found for me the NUMBER
> issue in preventing me from keeping "perfect" BGLs is accurately counting
> carbs. ........
>  So, what is YOUR number one problem for controlling your diabetes? I'm
>  to know what people see as their biggest issue (not issues, but singular
> issue).
> Ryan
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