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Re: [IP] Number 1 reason

My #1 problem is grazing, I don't generally have time to sit and eat so
I graze all night(work nights) and sometimes it gets a little out of
control.  Scott

>>> email @ redacted 09/17/03 15:07 PM >>>
>I've found for me the NUMBER ONE
>issue in preventing me from keeping "perfect" BGLs is accurately
> So, what is YOUR number one problem for controlling your diabetes? I'm
 >to know what people see as their biggest issue (not issues, but

I agree that this is probably my biggest problem.  Since I am dealing
gluten free food that is not always clear what the carb count is it's
harder. I have a question about this.  If I am not clear on how much to
bolus I take a good guess and test about 2 hours later.  At that point I
correct.  Is this enough to get a decent HA1C?  In my mind I am not
it stay high so this is the way to go but is it enough for a decent

Type 1 at age 47  Pumping for 1 year with the Paradigm.  Last HA1C was
good.  8.2
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