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Re: [IP] BG levels

 >>If you are high two hours after a meal, I would change the bolus 
(insulin carb
 >>ratio) first. If you are high after the two hours, then look at changing the
 >>basal rate. Don't change them both at the same time or you won't really know
 >>what worked.

If you are high two hours after a meal,
its quite likely, that that 20 carb what-ever-it-was, is in fact far from 
20 carbs

the ONLY way, youll really know, is some Control Testing....

check your bs, before eating.
eat something KNOWN (a tv type dinner, or ANYTHING, where you know 
the  EXACT amount of CARBS youre eating)...
THEN, if your not close , 2 - 3 hours (or so) later, its time to talk TO A 
(a cde, or an endo)

not me, nor your friend...

some nice, and helpful ideas, come from this group,
but, advice on changing settings, is something, IMO, that should be left to 
those in a responsible position....(You Needn't Necessarily Agree)
(with no insult, towards those trying to help).
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