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Re: Subject: [IP] Re:Number one problem?!?

A unisex solution to the carrying around everything problem.  Ameribags.
Ebags carries them.  The coolest thing about them, besides not looking like
a purse, and not being a backbag, is they are lighter on your shoulder than
any other position.

I carry the following and have a extra large Ameribag:
    Large purse looking billfold with billfold stuff, Palm Pilot, blood
sugar monitor, spare battiers,  and spare insulin.
    A medium bag with spare contacts, glasses, and two extra inseration
    A medium bag with gym stuff: Minidisk player, emergency sugar
    A small bag with a full compliment of emergency sugar.
    Another small bag with a full compliment of spare batteries.

When I go shopping, I pull out the large billfold and have everything that I
need in the store, and can't sit in the hot Texas sun in a car.

I also can survive any major disaster -- needed since I'm a teacher and
might get stuck with a building full unexpectedly someday -- and have no
excuse to miss the gym.  (Gym has spare exercise clothing and shoes).

I actually have several Ameribags.  My favorite came unstitched, sent it
back to the factory and they sent me a new one.
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