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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #536

From: "Cathy Mann" email @ redacted

I started on the Paradigm 512 on August 13..I have been diabetic for 5
years, taking insulin the last 3 and was up to 5 shots daily! GRRRRR.
You'll love the freedom of the pump. You might carry a few more items in
your bag of "stuff" but it's worth. Also read the e-mails from the group
and always feel free to post. they are a great organization and their
support has helped me tremendously.
I grew up on Long Island and currently live in RI
Stay in touch
Cathy and Penelope ..pumping since 8/03
Hi, Cathy - I grew up on LI and currently live in NH (via MA) lol  The
freedom from shots is definitely worth it - the insertion of a new set is
like nothing compared to the way I felt about the daily grind of multiple

Never did think to name my pump, though I know a lot on list do... went
through that on an instrument list - folks naming their instruments.  I have
enough of a time remembering my kids' names - heaven help me if I started
naming non-breathing items, too LOL  But hey, to each his/her own - That's
what makes life grand <g>

Danielle, pumping since 9/01
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