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[IP] where's my letter & shoulder update

In other news, thanks to everyone who chimed in with
advice on my frozen shoulder... I heard a lot of pros
and cons, but as we all know, YMMV and I'm scheduled
for manipulation October 21st. Despite the pain I know
is coming up, I am really looking forward to it since
this the most 'disabled' that the big D has ever made
me feel, and anything that helps will be a godsend.
Guess I'm not as good with pain as I thought I was...
Oooooooo, Lauren, I missed the frozen shoulder post - rats!  And I have one
(a frozen shoulder)... in fact, for over 2 years now, it hasn't been the
same.  A chiropractor delayed PT, and then I went for endless months of PT
and finally gave up - so what if I can't fasten certain attire behind my
back, right? :-P The rub is that in the last month or so, the other shoulder
is giving the same "signals" ACK!  And how come NO one, all my diabetic
life, ever mentioned this is a common diabetic problem?  Was total news to
me when it first happened to hear "oh yeah, every diabetic deals with this
at least once."  And so I ask, to what "manipulation" are you referring?
Willing to try anything that won't be wicked painful (I'm a baby about pain
lol)  Sorry to have missed the input, but will search at the site.  In the
meantime, if anyone feels like summing up the advice really quick?

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