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Re: [IP] the labor of logging

Which Palm program do you use??  I have the Diabetespilot program for 
the Palm and desktop. and seems to work well, Also use the UltraSmart 
meter that lets you enter carbs/insulin boluses/ and cal. the TDD's nice 
to have a backup.  I usually download to the computer a couple of times 
a week from both. 

email @ redacted wrote:

> Today's an example of how the Ezmanager has helped me -- and I don't 
> trust myself with the math.  As soon as I've done a calculation and a 
> bolus, I figure I've screwed it up.
> So this morning I grabbed two breakfast bars.  One I've put the counts 
> in the Palm Pilot already.  The other I hadn't, so I retrieved the 
> data for one, and put the data in for the other.  Then I entered both 
> bars, and let the Palm Pilot do the calculation for me.  I put the 
> bolus into the pump, and then ate the food.
> Two hours after I ate, I took my blood sugar.  Since it was under 
> after meal target, I didn't put it in the palm pilot.  If it had been 
> over 150, I would have put it in the Palm Pilot, then I would have 
> bolused half, knowing that either I had calculated carbs wrong (labels 
> wrong), or that I was more stressed out than usual (huge possibility 
> today, and many mornings).    (Which reminds me, this is something I 
> need to ask the programmers to add to the Palm Pilot program.
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> From: Elizabeth Ramsey <email @ redacted>
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> Sent: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:14:31 -0400 (EDT)
> Subject: Re: [IP] the labor of logging
>  --- On Wed 09/17, Kathleen Weaver &lt; email @ redacted &gt; 
> wrote:
> From: Kathleen Weaver [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
> email @ redacted: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 06:26:17 -0500Subject: 
> Re: [IP] the
> labor of loggingI've helped all that by using electronic tools. That 
> cuts down
> on theamount of logging. That way, the only things I write down are my 
> food,
> andnotes for the pump trainer (like turnning on temp. basals, etc.).I 
> bought the
> software for my Freestyle monitors and cable so I can downloadthem to my
> computer. I have an Animas pump so I bought the kit to downloadthe 
> pump too. I
> also use their Ezmanager software to compute carbs andcorrections.It 
> really
> takes a lot of load off your mind if you let the software do thework.
>  My endo doesn't really worry about my carbs, I only do that if I am 
> eating
> something truly out of the ordinary for me. But like Kathleen, I put 
> everything
> else in my Palm or my computer for my ezManager Plus to handle, and I 
> got the
> cable for the Ultra so that I can download all my meter readings. 
> However, I
> don't let the computer do my carb corrections. I do that. I do input 
> the info
> into my Palm or computer but it's not that bad...no worse than putting 
> it down
> in a log book. And my Palm is always with me...it's my *brain*. Liz
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